Tesla – Our Maltipoo

Weight: 12 Lbs

Tesla is a future mama for Diamond Companions in 2022. Tesla weighs 12 lbs and we will be breeding her with a smaller stud to keep her puppy sizes 8-10 lbs. She has such a sweet disposition and is very calm even with all the  chaos that can go on around here. We are looking forward to having her litters.


Denali(Ali) – Multi-Generational Goldendoodle

Weight: 18 Lbs

We were very lucky to acquire Denali to our breeding  program. She will be 18lbs and we are looking at Fall of 2022 for her 1st litter. We are excited to have these beautiful puppies to add to Diamond Companions. 


Daphne – F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 25-30 Lbs

Daphne is another upcoming mama we will be breeding in 2022. She is with one of our Guardian Families and is growing fast. She will be around 25-30 lbs full grown. We are looking forward to breeding our first Goldendoodle at Diamond Companions. Expected size of puppies will be on the smaller mini size around 20lbs.

Miss Shelbee – Our Morkie

Weight: 12 Lbs

Miss Shelbee is a 4-year-old Maltese and Yorkie mix. She weighs 12 lbs and produces the most beautiful puppies. She is one of our sweetest mama’s and is one of our family favorites.


Ronnie – F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 24 Lbs

Ronnie is another one of our newest mama’s that we have added to our program. We will be breeding her to a mini poodle to have her puppies stay to be 18-20 lbs. We are expecting her 1st litter to be early 2023. She also is with a guardian home. Her light coat adds a variety to our future puppies. And that innocent look we know she is going to be a great mama.

Ari  –  F1 Goldendoodle

Weight: 24 Lbs

Ari is our newest member of our Diamond Companions family.  She is a offspring of our Stud “Lil Red Cooper” we have been waiting for the perfect one to add to our family and she is it. She is a F1 Goldendoodle with the most beautiful color and coat texture. After evaluating her she is going to be such a good mama with her nurturing traits that she has shown. We are looking forward to her litters starting in Early 2023. Estimated litter size will be 25-30lbs.


Miss Bentlee – Maltipoo

Weight:  6 Lbs

Miss Bentlee is our mascot for Diamond Companions. She was my first Maltipoo I bred that started Diamond Companions. Her first litter went to families for emotional support needs. This is when I knew our purpose was to have her puppies be available for these families. There  was such a need for them and that is how Diamond Companions grew into the breeding program that it is. She is now retired and happy to help over see the work that needs to be done.