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A guardian home is a qualified home that takes the puppy and cares for it as she matures into breeding age. When she is ready to breed, she comes to my house to whelp the puppies and then is later returned to the guardian after puppies are weened and ready to go to their furever homes. We do this for approximately 4 breedings. Then she is retired and is spayed. She then goes to the guardian who has cared for her along this journey to be their loving furbaby. Everyone benefits in the program. First and foremost the puppy is raised in a loving family and when retired has a family already that has loved and cared for her. And then the guardian home benefits. They are able to have this well bred puppy at no cost to them only the love and care that they give. And Diamond Companions benefits to be able have litters that are whelped in a home setting and are cared for and nurtured daily for my families that are needing these furbabies for emotional reasons. To find out more information about this wonderful opportunity please contact us directly.

Past Guardian Families

Our family has been so blessed being a part of the diamond champions guardian program. We have a beautiful female golden-doodle we named Ronnie. We wanted a dog for Our daughter who has anxiety and depression as an emotional support animal. Ronnie is such a special dog that has filled our hearts with joy. She has made such a difference in our daughters Emotional wellbeing and the relationship they have created together. As parents, that is priceless to see and experience for all of us. She’s a wonderful companion for our daughter and a added playmate for our older dog Chloe. They love each other and we love Ronnie so much. We love the structure of this wonderful program that offers a perfect opportunity for both the guardian family and the breeder. Bobbi Penman who is the owner of diamond champions is a remarkable breeder. She knows her business and loves her animals. Bobbi has only the best interest of the animals she breeds. The guardian program gives families like ours the opportunity of raising and loving one of her dogs, the breeder peace of mind that her animals are being cared for in a loving home and she donates a portion of her proceeds to a local animal shelter. I love that!! It’s a win win.

Ohrn, Ronnie's Family

The Guardian Homes program has been such a blessing in my life. I have dealt with anxiety and depression for most of my life. I once had a dog, but had to put her down due to old age. I missed having a companion and friendship like that. Through this program I have gotten the perfect puppy with the perfect personality. She fits right in with my family! I love her with all my heart. I highly recommend joining Guardian Homes if you are wanting a companionship that will last a life time.

Hannah, Daphne's Family

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