About Us

Hi, I’m Bobbi

I’m the dog lover behind Diamond Companions. I have always been an animal lover and grew up with animals of all kinds, horses, rabbits, cats, and dogs of many breeds. When we were first married, we had to have a golden retriever. We took her to an obedience trainer for six weeks, and she earned her CDX title. We then decided to breed her and kept one of her male pups. It was a lot of work but well worth it; however, at this stage, we needed to spend our time raising our family of three kids Jasen, Nichol, and Jordan. We continued to have golden retrievers as pets, four to be exact, in 35 years. When our last one went over the rainbow bridge, we were not going to have any more dogs. It lasted 18 months when I realized being empty nesters really did mean empty. I decided I wanted a small lap dog, and Miss Bentlee became a new member of our family. The rest is history. Be sure to read our story about how Diamond Companions became what it is today.

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Our Story

How It All Started 

I have been a companion caregiver for over five years, loving and giving myself to others. I decided to get a small dog to keep myself company at home. Miss Bentlee, a Maltipoo, became a new member of our family.  She was an incredible special puppy that everyone fell in love with. Even as she got older, she attracted everyone to her. I decided to train her to be a therapy dog so she could accompany me when I made my visits. We went through the training that was needed and she earned her CGC Title (Canine Good Citizen) I enjoy watching how she loves visiting everyone and how she brightens their day. I researched for two years about breeding these mixed non shedding hyper allergenic dogs and learned more info on being an actual breeder. Miss Bentlee was back bred to a toy poodle not knowing at the time this will make them more hyper allergenic and less chance of shedding. I ended up breeding her with a red toy poodle and nine weeks later she was a Mama of one boy and one girl. She was such a good momma she took incredible good care of her babies. These two puppies went to families that needed a hyper allergenic dog do to kids having allergies but most of all these families needed these puppies for emotional support one family lost their husband and dad another one their teenage daughter needed some help at home. At that moment I realized the need for emotional support dogs was a much higher demand than I ever anticipated. This was the beginning of Diamond Companions we have grown to have two Maltipoo, two red poodles ,One Morkie and four goldendoodles. So far they have been able to provide emotional support and unconditional love too many families. The puppies are bred in my home and are delivered and cared for until they are ready for their homes. I do ENS stimulation with them along with canine socialization learning different sounds texture situations and how to problem solve. Then after, we move to human socialization they are exposed to small children and adults and exposed to other dogs in the household . They are raised under foot so they are use to all sounds in the home from ringing doorbells to TV and music dishes loud voices doors closing vacuums etc. I am very particular about who qualifies for my puppies. I will take applications first; then, once the application is accepted, I will contact you to see if there is a puppy that is right for you. I am very dedicated to my breeding program, and I know the importance of breeding these quality dogs to help these families that are in need. As a responsible breeder, I know if you adopt a puppy from us, it is one less dog adopted from a shelter, therefore we donate proceeds from every litter to an animal shelter or nonprofit rescue organization. We want you to know that when you adopt from us, you will be helping abandoned animals at shelters. We want to do our part to help support these facilities both locally and countrywide. We are very dedicated to Diamond Companions, and we are learning and researching daily to make Diamond Companions the best they can be.

– Bobbi, Diamond Companions

“We got our puppy, Teddy, from Diamond Companions in the summer of 2020. Bobbi was so professional and friendly – we let our kids interact with the puppy first and then we brought him home. He has the sweetest demeanor and is amazing with our kids. His coloring is beautiful and he gets stopped on walks regularly by neighbors who comment on how cute he is.”


animal lover,dogs,Bobbie Penman,About Diamond Companions,About Bobbi,About Bobbie Penman,Poodle,hyper allergenic dogs,toy poodle,ENS Stimulation,human socialization,How it all started,Our Story,About Us,dog lover