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Why Adopt From Diamond Companions?

Genetic/Health Tested Parents

We choose our moms and studs carefully to ensure we place healthy puppies into your homes!

2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee

We offer a 2 year health guarantee with all of our puppies! 

Early stimulation and training

While your puppies are with us before you take them home, we invest in their future with a structured training regimen. We follow ENS and ESI curriculums specifically designed for your puppy’s needs and development.


Our puppies visit our trusted vet for visits throughout their first couple of months of life. We ensure all testing and vaccines are completed so we know we are sending you home with happy, healthy puppies!


Introduction To Potty Training 

We know how taxing potty training can be on new puppy parents, so during the weening phase, we introduce potty training techniques. This helps your puppy come home with the tools they need to be successful house-trained dogs. 


Diamond Companion puppies undergo personality and temperament testing at 7 weeks. These tests will help you match with the perfect dog for your family!  

Lifetime Breeder Support

We are ALWAYS here to help you raise your puppy! When you adopt a puppy from Diamond Companions, you become part of our family! We love when our puppy’s parents stay in contact with us so we can watch our puppies grow and thrive in your care. And so we can be your forever support system! 

Take Home Puppy Packages

Let us set you up for success when you take your puppy home. We will send you home with a care package complete with everything you’ll need to welcome your new family member!


Diamond Companions proudly donates to Rescue Rovers with every purchase of a puppy. Click on the image to go and see how you can help this Non-Profit organzations.